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Swedish car maker Saab started out as aircraft manufacturer Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget in 1937. The company produced its first car in 1949. The original Saab model 92 was small, lightweight, and, of course, aerodynamic, powered by a 25 horsepower two-cylinder, two-stroke engine. In 1977, Saab unveiled the 99 Turbo at the Frankfurt Motor Show, a milestone in its history. The 99 Turbo established Saab as a manufacturer of exclusive cars with sporty characteristics. It was the first car to integrate high-performance turbo technology in a family sedan, a new approach that was expressed prominently in its design. Early Saabs excelled in rally competition, and compiled an impressive record until 1980, when Saab withdrew from the sport. In 1990, General Motors acquired Saab's automobile division and renamed it Saab Automobile AB. In recent years, Saab introduced a new model range, consisting of the flagship 9-5 and the mid-size 9-3. In 2006, Saab introduced the Saab Aero X concept car. This unusual two-seater sports coupe, influenced by Scandinavian and aircraft design, features a glass cockpit canopy that opens for passenger entry. This canopy offers full 180-degree vision and makes both doors and pillars obsolete. The Aero X is powered by a BioPower-Twin Turbo engine, delivering 400 horsepower in an environmentally friendly way by using 100% bioethanol (E100) for fuel.

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